blueberry farms forever.

My earliest childhood memories of summer in Pennsylvania bring me back to the less than bountiful strawberry patch I (somewhat) earnestly tried to grow with my dad in our backyard. It seemed at the time like a lot of work for something we could just get at the store, but I lived for the moments when I found what I thought to be THE MOST AWESOME STRAWBERRY IN THE WORLD – I would pluck it from the vine like it was made of gold and run to my dad to show him. I could always gauge the validity of my excitement by how big his eyes got or how long he “wowed”. If he gave me big eyes AND a long wow it meant it was a DOUBLE AWESOME STRAWBERRY and there was no way I was sharing.

I’m so thankful that I’ve been busier than ever this summer meeting new people and growing my business, but I’ve had an itch lately to just get out of the apartment and do something summery and new. Berry picking came to mind immediately, but it’s August (already?!) so strawberry-picking was definitely out. It happens to be prime blueberry season, however, and since I’d never even seen a blueberry bush I decided to head out to Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm in Cedar Grove, NC, in rural Orange County. It’s a beautiful drive up Highway 86N, past Hillsborough towards the Virginia state line, about 30-40 minutes from the Durham/Chapel Hill area.

This farm is fantastic – just park on the grass, pick up a bucket and spend as long as you like foraging for the juiciest berries you can reach. When you’re done you just weigh your bucket, leave money on the honor system and bag up your berries (naturally grown and just $2/pound!). I would encourage you all to hop in your car in the next few weeks and drive out there while the blueberries are still DOUBLE AWESOME.

And of course, the requisite post-pick blueberry muffins. delicious!

Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm

8411 NC Hwy 86 North
Cedar Grove, NC 27231
‘open sun-up to sun-down, 7 days a week. If you can see, you can pick.’



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4 responses to “blueberry farms forever.

  1. eric

    Nice story and great pics! Makes me hungry for some fruit. I suddenly remember picking wild rasberries and blackberries in PA when I was young. What a wholesome way to spend a day.

  2. eamcangus

    O girl! I love your pictures..especially the one of the two little girls! When I get married you are taking the pictures k?

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