summertime shoot with Alex!

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with this little girl on a number of occasions (basically since birth) and I absolutely love doing it! It’s really fun to document a child during their first few years – you get to watch them grow and see their personalities emerge. Alex may be just a baby but she already knows where the camera is and acts accordingly. She has perfected the gaze-into-the-camera-like-an-unimpressed-movie-star, so watch out Niki and James! This little girl is going to be trouble. =)

When I shoot with kids I like to give them something to do and capture them as they react to it – in my experience, trying to pose a toddler is an exercise in futility. I know there are photographers out there with magic toddler wands who can get a child to sit still and pretend to paint a masterpiece (and I am in awe of them) but I prefer to hang out for a little while until they forget I’m there so I can get those moments when they’re using their bellies as a towel to get the “icky” paint off their fingers. THAT is childhood my friend! With children my goal is always to create photographs that go beyond documenting what they looked like at that age – 10 or 20 years down the road I want them to tell a story about their personalities, what they loved (pool time!) and even what they didn’t love (being ‘icky’!)

And a little basketball with dad after the shoot. =)



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4 responses to “summertime shoot with Alex!

  1. laurencowartphoto

    These are very cute! I love whatever post-processing / action you used… 🙂

  2. Kate

    So wonderful! That 7th photo is very much a “Where the Wild Things Are” moment. Grrrr toddler on the loose!

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