little sister grows up.

I took these senior portraits for my sister Colleen earlier this summer. She’s now a week away from moving to college (UNC – Chapel Hill of course!) and I’m getting a little nostalgic. I’m so, so excited to have her living nearby for the first time in 5 years, but it still sort of freaks me out that she doesn’t still look like this:

Colleen – my whole world has, does, and always will revolve around you. I feel blessed every day that we have each other – I’m not sure we could have gone through what we have alone.  I am so excited for you to go to college – for other people it’s about growing up, but for you I hope it means you can be a kid again (for a little while, at least).  Here are just a few things I wish for you in college:

– an awesome roommate and a bad roommate (so you have good stories to tell)

– a class that changes your life, and a professor who won’t wear shoes and does yoga in the middle of class

– success in riding your bike around that bumpy, hilly campus,  a quick understanding of bus routes and that you learn to sit down fast so you’re not the poor kid who falls on her face because the bus driver hits the gas and you’re not holding on

– a last minute paper extension, and also a professor who would rather die than give you an extension

– a Tar Heels win that justifies RUNNING from south campus to franklin street just to watch people make fire and destroy property

– a night spent in the Undergraduate Library, and going straight to class that morning in the clothes you wore the day before

– road trips, trips abroad . . . trips to my apartment?


I’d give you the world if I didn’t think you could take it yourself.  I love you, I’m proud of you, and I’ll see you when you move to campus NEXT WEEK!


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