and the winner is . . .

I decided a few months ago to start doing drawings throughout the year for free 1 hour photo shoots for folks who follow my facebook page as a thank you for keeping up with what I’m working on. I imagine I probably could have just scrolled through everyone on facebook and picked the person my mouse landed on but that just doesn’t feel right! So I wrote names on slips of paper, folded them up, and picked with my eyes closed, as it should be. =)

and the winner is . . .

Congratulations Korey – I look forward to setting up a photo shoot with you!

I’ll be doing more of these in the future so if you’re not a fan already, find me on facebook HERE! If you’re already a fan (as of September 21) your name will be added to the basket a second time for the next drawing, so the longer you’re a fan the more chances you have to win a free shoot!

[All free shoots will be 1 hour long and winners will receive a CD of high resolution, edit images and full print release. I will travel up to 30 minutes – if you live farther away we will come up with a great location to meet!]

In unrelated but equally awesome news . . . it’s officially fall! Happy fall everyone!


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