debra + domino married!

The day before Debra and Domino’s wedding I remember saying to a friend “You know, I haven’t had a rainy wedding day all year! I must be a good luck charm!” Of course it rained, and I take full responsibility for speaking too soon. Debra and Domino were married at the Boylan Bridge Brewpub in Raleigh, NC, and made the best of the weather by holding the ceremony inside. It was such a warm, friendly atmosphere – friends and family packed into the pub and huddled together to watch this sweet couple marry after so many years together. Even Domino’s mom, who wasn’t able to attend the wedding, watched via laptop (long live Skype!) It is so easy to see how over the moon they are for each other and how happy their friends and family were for them.

They held their reception at nearby Flanders Art Gallery. This was the first time I’d been to a reception in an art gallery and I’m completely in love with the idea! It’s spacious, visually interesting, and nicely lit – three qualities important but not easy to find in a reception venue.

[Indoor venue tip: lighting can make or break the ambiance of your wedding. A venue that looks well lit during the day might look completely different at night, and even during the day the temperature and direction of light varies from hour to hour. Visit your venues at the time of day you’ll be there on your wedding day and plan for lighting accordingly.]

There may not be a more perfect formula for a reception than barbecue, beer, and great dancing music. Such a magical night. Enjoy this wonderful wedding!


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  1. Jared Shea

    Awesome post and excellent pictures! Thanks for sharing these pictures as this was an event I will never forget.

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