jennifer + mark | married!

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot with Charlotte-based photographer Lauren Cardwell and I’m so glad she asked me to assist for part of this wedding (also, major props to Lauren for shooting a wedding almost 8 months pregnant! She is such a brave and dedicated photographer!) Jennifer and Mark were such a fun, laid back couple – I’m truly not sure I’ve been to a more relaxed wedding actually!

Charlotte is a really cool place. You would think I’d know that having gone to middle/high school there, but I think it’s true that you don’t really appreciate what’s around you when you see it every day. Having the opportunity to go back there and shoot a wedding in Uptown was a great experience. For anyone looking for a really beautiful, unique ceremony venue in Charlotte, Grace on Brevard is simply amazing! The afternoon light coming in through the stained glass windows was unbelievable, and I love the aged elegance of this place. Jennifer and Mark had their reception at the Mint Museum in Uptown – also an amazing venue!

Special thanks again to Lauren for having me along! Enjoy. =)



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2 responses to “jennifer + mark | married!

  1. Lovely! I love the shot of her cute pink shoes with the fallen blossoms all around.

  2. I stumbled across your blog when I saw your photography ad on Craigslist. I just wanted to comment on how beautiful your pictures are! I love the visual creativity you have when it comes to capturing such a wonderful moment. The colors are amazing and the pictures really come to life! Keep up the incredible work!

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