christy + josh | married!

There are so many things to love about this wedding! Christy and Josh were married on the beach and held their reception at St. Thomas Preservation Hall in Wilmington, NC. They had an old Hollywood vision for their wedding and it came together beautifully with the help of their incredible bridal party. The contrast of soft beach colors with bold reds and blacks was beautiful and I love that their guests dressed in their best interpretations of Old Hollywood glamour.

More things to love: a gorgeous bride in a killer gown. Painstakingly handmade details – those are handmade paper roses in those centerpieces! A dove release (the first I’ve gotten to shoot!) A bridal party who spontaneously decides to stop in at one of their favorite bars for a few drinks between the ceremony and reception. The list goes on and on! Enjoy some highlights from their gorgeous day.

I love the contrast of these two very different rooms.

These dresses (below) were super sassy. =)

These dresses are super sassy. =)

A card from the groom before the ceremony. I love these special moments!

Sand angels!

Can I just bring my own doves to every wedding? This was really exciting and sweet to me!

LOVE this combination of colors.

There are at least 7 things to love about this photo (above)

I am in awe of this group for putting all of this together. I have a feeling there are a few future wedding planners among them.

You know it’s been a fun day when one of the guests can sleep sitting up in a room full of people and the music turned way up. =)

Congratulations Christy and Josh!


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