erin + jonathan | married!

I’m so excited to share this wedding. Erin and Jonathan were married at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC, last month in one of the sweetest, most happy-tear-filled ceremonies I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. I usually cry at some point during every wedding but it’s rare to tear up again while I’m editing which I definitely did with this one! I’m so happy we were able to wander around the grounds for a few portraits before the ceremony because this place is AMAZING! After the ceremony the couple and their guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in the garden and then headed over to the amazing Fearrington House Restaurant for dinner and toasts.

There’s something so special about these small, intimate weddings, a couple in love surrounded by just a handful of their closest family and friends. Everyone is able to interact with ease and it always makes for sweet moments. Enjoy some highlights from their day! (click the images to see them a bit bigger/sharper)

Things to love: Erin’s dress – I immediately went home and told my sister she needed this dress even though she’s only 18 and marriage is the last thing on her mind. The gorgeous scenery. Erin and Jonathan’s determination to get photos with some of the Fearrington cows (they seemed to have no interest in moving from their shady spot but we made it work!) The dead cicada she placed on her dress to commemorate the “Great Cicada Hatch of 2011”. The jars of marbles on the mantle at the Fearrington House Restaurant that Erin and her sister have had since childhood. Ear to ear smiles all day long.

First looks are the sweetest!

The cow couldn’t be bothered to move but at least she stuck her tongue out!

I should explain the sunny day umbrellas. We were worried all week that it was going to be stormy so Erin picked up some umbrellas just in case. It turned out to be a gorgeous day but why let them go to waste? šŸ™‚



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2 responses to “erin + jonathan | married!

  1. Jessica Van Deusen

    I love this family so much and these pictures are the next best thing to being there myself. Thank you for capturing the love and beauty and joy of this wonderful day!
    šŸ™‚ jess van deusen

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