erin + greg | married!

There is so much pretty to see and warm fuzzies to feel with this sweet wedding! Erin and Greg were married at The Cotton Room in Durham, NC, a venue that became an instant favorite the second I walked in the door. It’s a perfect venue for elegant but down-to-earth couples (like Erin and Greg!) And really, what screams Durham more than a textile factory turned event venue? I had such a great time with this group – Erin and Greg’s guests came from all over to celebrate their love and, of course, party with them. Congratulations to you both!

Things to love: Erin and Greg’s incredible style. A sweet bird theme running throughout the decor. The most elegant pairing of purple and green I’ve ever seen. A group that parties til they drop. The special moments between Erin and Greg that let you know that in a room full of people they’re the only ones they see.

After shooting so many weddings, the number of things you can do with a mason jar is, in my mind, approaching infinity.

Salads before the ceremony! Don’t forget to eat the day of your wedding folks!

so much happiness!

I’m not really a shoe kind of gal (I try to wear $3 flip flops at least 10 months out of the year), so I think Erin’s shoes are my first true shoe love.

This moment made me tear up twice while I was editing.

Nests with candy eggs! Perfect.

I still can’t get over this beautiful arbor.

This cake was so beautiful!

Love this moment between the fathers of the bride and groom.

The cocktail hour was held in and around the Labour of Love Gallery on the first floor of the Cotton Room building.


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  1. What gorgeous photos. You are so freakin’ talented, Bridget!

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