esther + charlie | married!

I had a feeling I was going to love this group before I ever met them. I’d been following their wedding blog of inspirations and ideas for months and every post got me a little more excited to finally meet them. My suspicions were confirmed as I walked down the hallway of the Richmond hotel where they were getting ready and found the room just by following the sound of Esther’s infectious laugh. Esther and Charlie were married under a weeping willow tree in Joseph Bryan Park in Richmond, VA, followed by a delightful backyard reception at their home just minutes away. They set out to have a beautiful wedding with their closest friends without going into lifelong debt and I’ve never seen it pulled off more elegantly. There is so much vintage charm to love here, and there’s a certain intimacy with at-home receptions that you just don’t find anywhere else. You can read more from Esther about her approach to planning in their feature on The Loveliest Day! Congratulations, Esther and Charlie!

Things to love: everything. No really, you’ll see.

If the girls can get their hair done so can he!

Esther gave each of her bridesmaids sweet necklaces and earrings. Accessories are a beautiful way to tie a look together without precisely matching everyone.

I think they look straight out of Mad Men!

I thought I couldn’t love this wedding more, and then these came out.

These two images (above and below) feel like something straight out of The Great Gatsby (the movie, of course).

Oh the colors! Oh the suspenders!

This is such a great alternative to the traditional guestbook.

Cake pops (cake on a stick) = best idea ever for these types of weddings. Guests can move about freely with their dessert and there are no dishes to bother with after!

*Special note: I’m so happy that the blogging bug has continued to bite Esther even after the wedding. Check out her new blog here to keep up with all the lovely she finds!



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5 responses to “esther + charlie | married!

  1. Love them, Bridget. You did such a great job, thank you so much. *sniff* esther

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  3. suzanne ritter

    These are the most wonderful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Through the lens of her camera, Bridget has captured the best moments – large and small – of this wonderful day. Congratulations Esther and Charlie!

    • Charlie

      Thanks Suzanne. You also would have been proud because our cellist picked away at a few Beatles songs as his prelude to the ceremony and I didn’t hit him with a chair. I have to admit, they weren’t half bad!

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