heather + kevin | married!

I think the word that best describes Heather and Kevin’s wedding is communal. When I walked into the cottage at Anderson Point Park in Raleigh, Heather was running around perfecting last minute details while Kevin worked on rigging a video camera from the loft above to record the ceremony. Outside their friends cut fresh flowers for homemade bouquets and decorations. Others were moving chairs and tables and checking over their readings for the ceremony. There was no processional – just a room full of friends and family looking on as some of their closest friends took turns reading and as Heather and Kevin read their vows to each other.  My favorite part of this sweet ceremony was when Ted, Kevin’s father, said:

“A successful marriage is not something that just happens. It takes work, it takes patience, and it takes time. It takes a commitment from both of you… a commitment to do whatever it takes to make your relationship thrive and not just simply survive. Some days, it even takes the love and support of a community. Friends and family, do you agree to help Kevin and Heather make it through the hard times, as well as to celebrate life’s joyous moments? If so, say we do.”

And they all said “WE DO!” =) It was clear that Kevin and Heather wanted their wedding to be just as much about their friends and family as it was about them. It was just beautiful. Congratulations you two!

Things to love: fresh cut flowers. Heather’s bold and beautiful bridal style choices. Locopops! A 2 LB MARSHMALLOW CAKE. A group perfectly content jamming their Sunday wedding afternoon away playing Rock Band. A couple who has loved and will continue to love for a long, long, long time.

Love love love these colors!

I literally laughed out loud when I saw these silhouettes on the bathroom door. SUCH a great idea!

How perfect is this? Just a few ribbons and flowers and a whole lot of creative vision.

It takes a village to secure a birdcage.

A bridal party of sorts!

Locopops are hand-crafted popsicles made with all-natural, local ingredients. If you live in the Triangle area you’ve GOT to get a locopop before the summer is over. Where else can you find a Mexican chocolate popsicle spiced with nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon?

Rock band isn’t just for 12 year olds. =)

I was in awe of this gigantic marshmallow. Tip for anyone planning a marshmallow cake in the future after watching Heather and Kevin struggle a little with this beast – have a very, very hot knife on hand when it’s time to cut the cake. =)



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3 responses to “heather + kevin | married!

  1. Bridget WOW thank you so much!!! These are so good and you are so kind.

  2. Bernadette

    Heather you look stunning, what a beautiful wedding.
    Wishing you both all the best.

  3. Cynthia Hanke

    Bridget, Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! You did an incredible job of capturing the light-hearted joy and naturalness of heather & Kevin’s wedding day!

    Proud Mom of the Bride, Cynthia

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