annabeth + joe | married!

Out of state weddings are always exciting to me. While I’m not originally from North Carolina, I’ve spent most of my life here at this point so I know my way around and it all feels very familiar. Virginia is a whole new beautiful world to me. I had no idea what to expect driving up to Boones Mill, a tiny town nestled in the mountains outside Roanoke. What I found at the top of a steep, wooded driveway was one of the sweetest wedding scenes I’ve ever seen. Annabeth was outside, already dressed, under the tent set up for the reception checking last minute details and chatting with friends and vendors. Inside Joe was relaxing/hiding so he wouldn’t see Annabeth before the ceremony, watching some game highlights with his son. There was so much calm, peaceful energy that afternoon as their friends and family came together from literally everywhere to celebrate with Annabeth, Joe, and the kids. You can’t be anything but thrilled for this sweet new family. =)

Things to love: Beautiful scenery! Adorable kids. A perfect summer wedding dress and bouquet I am obsessed with. So many sweet smiles!

Annabeth’s niece – Shirley Temple much?

Yes! Comfort!

Love this little moment between father and son.

I love the looks on the kids’ faces.

I seriously can’t get over this bouquet. My logo colors might give you a hint why. =)

Paper lanterns make a huge impact visually without making a huge impact financially.

Annabeth’s mom put all of the sweet centerpieces together by hand.

Hand-tossed, grilled pizzas on site! This is such a great idea.

Can I please live here?

Dessert catered by Coldstone Creamery – yummm!


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