on fall, and blog neglect

Poor poor blog. I have a feeling blog diligence will be near the top of my new years resolution list. September was my busiest month of the year with 8 weddings and a number of other shoots and October is shaping up to be just as busy so I’m playing lots of editing and blogging catch up. Bear with me – I can’t wait to share all of these beautiful weddings from the past few months. =)

In the meantime . . . is anyone else as excited about fall as I am?! I just moved to a house in the woods this summer and every morning is like Christmas trying to spot a leaf that might tell me which color that tree is going to turn. I spy some red in these trees! (click images to see them larger)

Fall was the perfect excuse to hoard all my Izze bottles and do something crafty out on the deck. I recently gave up a serious Diet Mountain Dew addiction so Izzes keep the fizzy in my life now and the bottles are too cute to throw away. =)

I am so excited about using this fire pit now that it’s not 100 degrees outside. Doesn’t it make you want to grab a hoodie and a book and some hot tea or cider and turn on Fleet Foxes?

Before this new place I lived in apartment buildings, and before that the “cozy” dorms at UNC, so I’m really happy to be living somewhere beautiful and peaceful and inspiring. When I’m not shooting I spend 8-10 hours a day, sometimes more, working at the computer, so I feel really lucky that I can step right outside my door and take all of this in anytime I want.

Be back soon to share some sweet weddings!


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