10 responses to “katie + david | engaged! | winston-salem engagement photographer

  1. super SUPER STUNNING!! I love the angles, the creativity, and of course, the STORY that is felt through your images!

  2. These are so stinkin’ sweet! I love the way their clothes are styled, the session just flows beautifully. I’m a huge fan of photos taken from up above so that one is my absolute favorite. The blanket shot is a LOVE, too! Beautiful as usual.

  3. Katie

    LOVE ❤ Thanks for making this day awesome for us Bridget! – This was my favorite birthday present!

  4. So gorgeous! Love the light, the colors, the expressions, the angles… Bridget, you killed this shoot! Beautiful!

  5. This is such a fabulous session. I love all of them. Great work as usual.

  6. What an adorable couple!! I love the colors. Great job!

  7. Laurie VanDyke

    Love the pictures!!! You two are gorgeous! Looking forward to the Big Day!
    Love, Aunt Laurie

  8. Janine Crane

    Your Wedding Day will be here before you know it. I am so happy for you. You are an adorable couple and I am sure you will have a wonderful, happy, fun, and exciting life together.

  9. Paul

    What fun pictures! Congratulations to both of you. I still don’t know yet if I can make it to your wedding or not, but I really would like to be there.

    Happy holidays!

    Love, Uncle Paul

  10. Amy Patterson

    Love is Beautiful! I agree, you two are adorable, and since I have met Katie already, and know David, your personalities are evident. Great picturesLo

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