elizabeth + derek + olivia | new family! | cary family photographer

I thought it would be fitting on this last day of 2011 to share this sweet session with Elizabeth and Derek and their newborn Olivia. Their wedding back in January was my first in 2011 and now here they are at the end of the year with this sweet girl to love and cuddle. You know, I thought I had a whirlwind year, but these two might have me beat! This is my first wedding couple to have a baby, and shooting with this new family added a whole new dimension to what I do. I’m always happy when the send-off after the wedding isn’t the last time I work with couples. Having the chance to stay in touch and shoot with them as their families grow is a pretty awesome thing and I’m so looking forward to shooting more with this family and so many of the couples I’ve had the privilege to work with this year. To be clear, pet adoptions count as growing your family too so I’m more than happy to come over and shoot with you and your new puppies or goats or gerbils. =)

As most of you know I spend the majority of my time shooting weddings and couples so this was different and a lot of fun for me. Let’s be honest – I didn’t learn a whole lot about posing newborns in photojournalism class, so my instinct was to approach this in a hands off way and let this baby be a baby. She naps a lot, and sometimes she giggles, and sometimes she cries and it brings out a sweet little rash for a few minutes, and sometimes she peeks her eyes open to take in everyone around her, and she always holds on tight when her mom or dad is holding her. There’s so much beauty in the interaction between parent and child and I’m thankful I got the chance to get a glimpse of it.

This one makes me laugh every time I see it. She looks absolutely outraged about this PDA! I gave this one to Liz and Derek as a sort of funny “outtake” and of course they used it in their Christmas card. =)


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