kelly + rob | married! | durham wedding photographer

These two are just adorable together – I don’t think I caught a moment where they weren’t smiling at each other. I’d been excited about their wedding since I met them for their engagement shoot at the beginning of the year. They were married the Hilton Raleigh Durham hotel at Research Park on a perfect fall day. Kelly and Rob met online and fell pretty quickly for each other. It was really cool as a photographer to see their worlds come together from all over the country to celebrate with them. Enjoy these highlights!

The above requires some explanation- from Kelly’s suite at the hotel she could see the ceremony spot and noticed some last minute extra, er, decorating going on. All she could do was lean against the window and yell “not bows! STOP THE BOWS! Please no more bows!” In the grand scheme of things though, a few extra bows is a blessing if it’s the only hiccup of the day. =)

Their friend/officiant pulled out a flask right after the ceremony. Classic!

It’s Julie and Ari! They got married earlier this year!

Kelly surprised Rob with a UGA garter. So cute!



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2 responses to “kelly + rob | married! | durham wedding photographer

  1. What strikes me is how many shots of the guests you’ve captured. I LOVE this and think too many photographers miss out on the opportunity to capture these moments. Great work with the color and I like the mix of B&W that you have in here. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Kelly

    I cannot tell you enough how much I love these photos! We are so happy you were able to capture such special moments. Thank you so much!

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