alison + adam | married! | new york city wedding photographer

I’m so so excited to share this wedding, the very last I shot in 2011! When Alison and Adam first contacted me about their wedding they were both abroad in China – Alison was teaching and Adam was doing a medical fellowship. They got engaged while they were there and I have to tell this story. Adam had a family member fly over with the ring he’d already picked out and ordered from a jewelry store back in the states before they ever left for China. He knew Alison might expect a proposal after their year abroad but knew she’d be completely surprised if he did it any sooner. He came up with the brilliant idea to have a photographer they’d met at a bazaar in China take them to the Great Wall and photograph the proposal. Alison figured out pretty quickly that it was a surprise photo shoot but she had no idea the proposal was coming! The only thing I can think of that would be better than getting engaged at the Great Wall is having PICTURES to remember that amazing moment. Nice work, Adam. 😉

I was absolutely thrilled when Alison and Adam asked me to photograph their wedding in NYC and planned for this wedding to be my last for the year as a sort of celebration at the end of an absolutely crazy 2011! Matt and I took the scenic route by train from Raleigh to NYC and I loved it. Flying is faster, of course, but there’s something so wonderful about a long train ride. When you ride the train you meet all kinds of interesting people and see the oldest parts of every little town and big city along the way. The East Coast is such a beautiful place.

I had a day before the wedding to scout locations for the first look and found a sweet little spot under a bridge in Central Park. A man in the tunnel was playing saxophone and I asked him if he would come back the next day and, when I gave him the nod, play “What a Wonderful World”. I didn’t actually expect that he would be there, especially since we were running behind schedule (it’s a wedding day, after all!) but he did!!! So awesome. Adam and Alison saw each other for the first time in Central Park surrounded by their families (and a dozen or so onlookers). It was such a special moment. They love each other so much that even strangers know it just looking at them.

After the first look and a bit of time for portraits in the park we headed back to Park Avenue Synagogue for an absolutely beautiful ceremony and lively reception. One of the privileges of my job is witnessing traditions that are unique to every couple, family, and culture. Every wedding tells a story – about who they are, who they love, what they believe and value, where they came from, and where they’re going. I’m so excited to see where life takes these two and wish them all the best as they start this new chapter. Here are some highlights from their beautiful day!

Adam teared up so much throughout the day! How could you not with a bride as sweet and beautiful as Alison?

Love these blue shoes!!!


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